Who is Darrell Young?

Darrell is author of the Mastering the Nikon® DSLR series books, published by NikoniansPress, Picture and Pen Press, and Rocky Nook, Inc.

He's a pro photographer and writer living within a few miles of the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains. He makes a living from his stock photography and photo books and loves talking about photography to anyone that will listen. He has a real concern for this earth and the people on it. It shows in his pictures! Darrell spends an inordinate amount of time in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, USA, seeking the ultimate photograph, but hasn't found it yet!

Here are a few of Darrell's web and social media sites: Facebook, Google+, Google+ Community, Nikon Digital Camera and Photo Enhusiasts (NDCPE), Olympus Digital Camera & Photo Enthusiasts (ODCPE), Picture and Pen Press, and Twitter.

Beyond Point-and-Shoot

Welcome to Darrell's Book Readers and Students

This website supports the readers of my educational books, photography students, and clients. Browse around and enjoy yourself. You will find articles and reviews designed to inform, teach, and help you enjoy your photographic journey. You are a different kind of photographer. You want to learn the best ways to use advanced D-SLR, HD-SLR, and Mirrorless ILC cameras. Technology changes so much with each generation of cameras that the learning never stops. Therefore, you and I are working together to master digital photography and its equipment. Contact me!


Welcome to Darrell's Current and Future Photography Clients

I'm a member of Professional Photographers of America (www.ppa.com), Nikon Professional Services (www.NikonPro.com), and the North American Nature Photography Association (www.nanpa.org) and adhere to the ethical guidelines of those fine organizations. I have been photographing people, places, and things professionally for over 30 years. I use only the finest, high-level Nikon® camera equipment for photographing weddings, graduations, and other events. With many years of experience in event photography I am available to photograph any event involving your family and friends doing special things they want to remember. When needed I can bring an experienced photographic team to make sure your event is covered thoroughly. I am also an avid nature photographer. Please examine my sample pictures under the Portfolio link and use the Contact link to get in touch with me for a reasonable price quote. Thank you for considering my services.

Darrell's Three Most Recent Photography Books (see others here)
Photo Tip
The aperture settings control how much light comes into the camera, while the shutter speed settings control how long light comes in. ISO controls the base light sensitivity of the camera's sensor.
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